1. Is luXbeacon an active type beacon device? i.e., it has its own battery and can scan / being scanned for/ by nearby devices operating on bluetooth mode.
  • 1a. Any BLE beacon (including luXbeacon and Minew beacon F/W or H/W) should not do any or much scanning operation to search for nearby Bluetooth devices according to the standard iBeacon and BLE beacon protocol, as this is very power consuming and not necessary for the essential broadcasting purpose. Whereas, the scanning/receiving of beacon signals should only happens on the user smartphone side or BLE measurement devices (like BLE detector) according to the iBeacon/ BLE beacon standards;
  • 1b. The only chance of a short scanning operation is only for the initial/one-time beacon hardware configuration purpose, which is not supposed to be running after that due to the security and energy sustainability issue;
  • 1c. luXbeacon can run in batteryless mode if the location has the required lighting availability, or run with a backup battery for location with uncertain light availability.
2. If luXbeacon can scan nearby devices, will it capture the MAC addresses of these devices?
  • If some devices would scan and capture the MAC addresses of user smartphones, it is not following the purpose of BLE beacon or iBeacon standard devices. Hence, luXbeacon does not capture user smartphone MAC addresses.


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