DRAG A STAR - the Social Media from Outer Space from HKUST-NIE Social Media Lab


"Drag A Star" is an interactive installation artwork to give audience an immersive feeling to remember the myth of making wishes upon a shooting star and to learn the recent scientific understanding about the meteorites. This to imagine that human being would have the future possibilities to catch a star physically and write the messages of a wish on it, or even realize someone's wish after reading the wishes of others. To achieve these experiences and immersive feelings, the piece are created based on latest technologies on interactive display, screen smart-device interactions, mobile applications, and web-based messaging system. Over these technologies, extensive scientific, artistic and design efforts are integrated precisely to create these immersive and beautiful feelings and cyber-physical interactions with the shooting stars and eventually convey to the visitors the various level of artistic statements.

J. She, C. Ng and D. Leung "Drag A Star: the Social Media in Outer Space", (accepted to appear in ACM Multimedia 2015, Oct. 2015)